• Millennium is an international IT company with 15 years of experience in the market
  • Based in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 70 employees
  • 3 mil. Euro turnover

Yammer implementation for IT services company

  • Millennium engaged InfoCumulus for project of implementation of Yammer communication tool in order to increase internal communication and company transparency. For Millennium, as a technological innovation leader and fast growing company, the wish for introducing new aspect of the communication seems like a logical step for keeping competitiveness.
  • To identify the real needs, different usage scenarios and areas of use of enterprise social network, interviews were made with various departments and their holders. The need for Yammer implementation and new communication tool is the most visible in departments – Sales, HR, marketing and Project teams as well as in Product based teams (CRM, SharePoint, Azure etc.).
  • Faster information flow, reduced number of email, increase adoption of new employees, project communication, educational facilities are only part of the identified needs and demands from Millennium’s employees. Through end users education and workshop we have achieved understanding of Yammer functionality as well as purpose of use of new internal communication tool.
Project objectives
  • Reduced number of email
  • To increase a quality of internal communication
  • Faster information flow
  • Rapid adaptation of new employees
  • Increase transparency of company
  • Connection and collaboration between departments, project groups and product based groups
  • Identifying experts and expertise
  • Tool for cooperation with external parts (agencies, partners etc.)
  • Technical knowledge and experience sharing
  • Increasing employees motivation
  • Online survey – identification of communication and collaboration needs
  • Network usage policy
  • Use case catalogue
  • Network launch
  • Educational materials – tips and tricks catalogue
  • Training for end users
  • Clippy support – virtual assistant

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