Hrvatski Telekom

  • Largest telecom company in the country
  • Integrated operator
  • Part of DT group
  • 4000 employees

Implementation of Business social network


This project has dual role- to introduce social network as a new digital capability, as well as to increase online collaboration, simplicity and agility.

Project objectives

BSN strategy is currently envisioned as follows:

  • Extend collaboration beyond company boundaries
  • Start with Phase 0, that has clear business ownership and goals (this project, Sales Ecosystem) in an area that is well-known for vendors
  • Establish BSN administration, security and IP protection measures, community managers, governance and implementation practices
  • Roll-out within company as per Use Case priorities (Blue pages, project collaboration, ideation, product verification)
  • E-Care supported with BSN
  • Incorporate social into overall Web experience strategy
  • Explore syndication of BSN as a part of the HT offering product bundle to our customers
  • Deep interviews with end users
  • Use case scenarios development
  • Identification of project KPI’s
  • Development of internal use policy
  • Alignment of BSN use case with relevant internal policies
  • Guidelines for BSN implementation project
  • Initial setup and branding
  • Preparation of education materials
  • Education workshop for end users – HT IT team
  • Education workshop for end users – HT key users