Hrvatski Telekom

  • Largest telecom company in the country
  • Integrated operator
  • Part of DT group
  • 4000 employees

Development of White Papers and Case Studies on HT’s Cloud Services


Development of white papers and case studies about cloud computing in HT’’s portfolio. Project included analysis of appropriate topics and services to be described, interviews with users and experts and final development of three white papers and case studies in two languages – Croatian and English.

Project objectives
  • Development of marketing materials which describes benefits of cloud computing to common public in simple way – with focus on HT’s cloud portfolio
  • Explain services in HT portfolio and describe how users can reap most benefits by using these services
  • Explain security and privacy in HT cloud with smart and simple language
  • Describe the migration process from traditional IT systems to cloud
  • Describe how users benefit form using HT Cloud services

White Papers

  • Cloud Server, Cloud Data Centre and their application
  • Data privacy and security in HT Cloud
  • IT solutions migration to the Hrvatski Telekom Cloud

Case Studies

  • Retail IT System Enhancement in Varteks
  • Hosting of Podravka’a webistes in the Hrvatski Telekom Data Centre