Hrvatski Telekom

  • Largest telecom company in the country
  • Integrated operator
  • Part of DT group
  • 4000 employees

HT Vertical Product Strategy


By recognizing the importance of ideas and innovations for further growth and development of the company, Hrvatski Telekom engaged InfoCumulus for business consulting and for development of a suitable application solution on the SharePoint platform.

The project also included consulting services to identify the needs and areas of standardized process for managing ideas. As consulting deliverables were also identification of potential challenges of implementation and appropriate prevention mechanisms, development of the gamification module and the communication plan for launching a new inititive. Based on the defined process of idea management as well as roles and responsibilities in the process, InfoCumulus delivered a software solution for idea management. Software solution called the Innovation Hub enables employee to submit their ideas, elaborating and evaluating of ideas as well commenting on proposed ideas. Innovation Hub is designed to standardize the idea management process, make it transparent and ensure the objectivity of the idea evaluation. Idea creator has information about idea status at any time. Also, idea creator receives feedback about any necessary actions on his idea.

The Innovation Hub application is located on a SharePoint platform (on premise) and is compatible with existing IT tools used within Croatian Telecom.

Project objectives
  •  Transforming employees knowledge and experience into suggestions for improvement
  •  Identifying the potential challenges of applying an idea management standardized process and preventing them
  •  Implementation of the standardized idea management process
  • Transparency and objectivity of the idea evaluation process
  • Internal “crowdsourcing”, ie inclusion of employees in all ideas management phases
  • Focus on employees as key stakeholders in the initiative
  • Motivation of employees through a sophisticated gamification system
  • Increase the visibility of experts within the company
  • Engagement and process workshops with project team
  • Mapped business processes
  • Elaborated gamification model
  • Functional specification
  • Technical specification
  • Reporting system – notification matrix
  • Customer testing and acceptance
  • Software solution “Innovation Hub”
  • Communication plan
  • Role based guide/user’s manuals
  • Usage policy
  • Innovation principles
  • FAQ document
  • Customer testing and acceptance
  • Educational workshops with key stakeholders (Innovation Champs)
  • End user training