Hrvatski Telekom

  • Largest telecom company in the country
  • Integrated operator
  • Part of DT group
  • 6000 employees

HT ICT Partner Management Framework


HT ICT team, in order to achieve targets related to ICT business development, initiated a business consulting project focused on improving partner management capacity.

ICT required a special set of partners, different from legacy Telekom direct sales force and therefore, it had to be treated separately in the HT organization.

This project focused on determining the types of partners, levels of HT engagement with different partners, different processes in partner acquisitions and finally, formalizing those relationships through the different contracting models. All of the abovementioned topics were integral part of HT ICT Partnership Management Framework.

Project objectives

Develop a holistic partnership framework with special emphasis on:

  • Partner acquisition process
  • Business model specifications
  • Improving time to market
  • Partner categorization
  • Criteria for partner selection
  • Partner incentives
  • Contract templates
  • Assess organizational implications
  • Partner management strategy
  • Partner categorization
  • Business model analysis
  • Partnering contract templates
  • Documented processes for:
    • Partner selection (with documented criteria)
    • Solution selection
    • Complex IT projects engagements
    • Value chain analysis
    • Joint sales efforts
  • Governance models for most important decision in ICT area

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