• DTEK is the largest privately-owned vertically-integrated energy company in Ukraine, with efficient enterprises that mine and prepare coal as well as operate on electrical power generation and supply markets. The Company is the energy division of System Capital Management (SCM), one of Ukraine’s leading financial and industrial groups.
  • DTEK’s enterprises operate in nine regions
  • 53.8 billion kWh electricity is transmitted on DTEK’s networks
  • 127.000,00 employees

Development of Implementation plan for enterprise social network Yammer

  • InfoCumulus was engaged in this project to deliver a sustainable implementation plan for enterprise social network (Yammer). The Yammer implementation concept in DTEK was built on the principle “From concrete business-tasks resolution to total employees’ involvement”.
  • Development of implementation plan included development of documents, guidelines and presentations, tips and tricks, along with recommendations based on InfoCumulus expertise in ESN field. Basis for all documents was design of long term enterprise social roadmap for DTEK.
  • Project communication was held on weekly basis via Skype for Business. Yammer platform was used as primary communication tool for discussion over uploaded materials between project team in DTEK and InfoCumulus. Based on delivered documents DTEK received roadmap plan for Yammer implementation with associated guidelines, methodology and education which enabled them to start implantation process of Yammer network within DTEK.
Project objectives
  • Develop enterprise social network roadmap for all DTEK enterprises
  • Create enterprise social network adoption plan to increase the communication efficiency between company headquarters and geographically dislocated and employees
  • To provide platform for innovation management and discussion about ideas generated from employees
  • Establish communication channel that will allow not only vertical ( from HQ to subsidiaries ) information flow, but horizontal (between employees ) ones too
  • To provide public recognition tool for the employees which will help to better visibility and motivation
  • To simplify employees’ feedback process in order to better understand the state of things and subsidiaries as well as to get better feedback when implementing complex strategic projects
  • To strengthen employees intangible motivation
  • Enterprise social network roadmap
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Guidelines for interviews
  • Use case catalogue with associated KPI’s
  • Network usage policy
  • Development of Network launch plan
  • Educational materials – tips and tricks catalogue
  • Training methodology
  • Yammer education for project team
  • Yammer education for stakeholders and YamChamps
  • Guidelines for post implementation survey
  • Yammer analytics overview
  • Overview of possible system integrations and add ons

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