Croatian Post

  • The national postal operator in Croatia for receiving, development and delivery postal items on the Croatian territory. In post offices it is also possible to use some financial services.
  • 1018 post offices and 2135 front office
  • 9470 employees

Implementation of Corporate communication tool


Croatian Post in this project ensures implementation of corporative communication tool for employees on leading positions in their offices in country. With this tool Croatian Post wants increase communication and cooperation level, ensure transparency for sharing knowledge and information. InfoCumulus role in this project is to develop use case scenarios, customer services for implementation network and proactive monitoring of activities on network. The goal of consulting is to help client with preparation wanted using scenarios, communications norms and help design technical platform. Technical platform in this case is Microsoft Yammer.

Project objectives
  • Ensure two way communication
  • Establish transparency knowledge base in company
  • Ensure experiences sharing and developing ideas on bottom up structure
  • Increase cooperation between divisions with possibility of group discussion and feedback
  • Development use network scenario
  • Use case catalog
  • Communication plan – strategy
  • Catalog of functional instructions Tips&Tricks
  • Proactive monitoring and customer support through Clippy virtual assistant
  • Communication on network and regular periodic meetings
  • Ensure geographically dislocated offices across the country are linked with the Headquarters
  • External network for Contact Center
  • External network for Department of Information Technology

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