Croatian Lottery

  • State owned national lottery
  • The main business is gambling through lottery games, betting, casino and slot machines
  • Different sales channels – direct (retail, online channels) or through partners

CRM strategy and loyalty program


Croatian lottery engaged InfoCumulus for development of Customer Relationship Management strategy and design of loyalty program.
During the project it was necessary to analyze the existing processes and technology requirements and to deliver a suggestion for improvements in key business areas – marketing, sales, customer support as well as their future implications for IT systems.

Project objectives

Objectives, measures and activities of CRM strategy are divided into three levels: strategic, operational and process (technology).


Strategic level

  • Overview of communication channels
  • Customer segmentation and potential for expanding cooperation based on loyalty program
  • Gambling market analysis
  • Overview of CRM market trends
  • SWOT analysis of HL position when implementing CRM strategy
  • Risk register

Process level

  • Analysis of business and technology constraints
  • AS-IS process analysis and suggestions for improvements (TO-BE)
  • Operational model of loyalty program implementation

Technology level

  • Creating a CRM system implementation plan/roadmap
  • Analysis of requirements, expected functionality and dependencies
  • Estimation of required implementation resources (cost, time)
  • Project guidelines for CRM strategy implementation

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