• Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet is a public institution that today operates under the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports in the field of information and communication technologies and its application in education from network and Internet infrastructure through e-services, to security and user support
  •  CARNet connects almost 1400 schools and over 250 academic institutions

Yammer for project coordination

  • Yammer network is used for internal communication and project coordination between CARNet departments. Yammer network has severely improved and intensified direct formal and informal communication.
Project objectives
  • Communication and collaboration tool for all CARNet employees
  • Connecting geographically dislocated teams
  • Reporting status of the project in development
  • Better collaboration and project status reports
  • Better collaboration between teams, departments and external stakeholders – collaboration on a joint and coordinated national project under the name of “e-Schools” in the period from 2016 to 2023
  • Interviews with keys stakeholders
  • Yammer roadmap and use case catalogue
  • Educational workshops
  • YamChamp education
  • Proactive network monitor and support
  • Monthly project team meetings