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Our area of expertise is strategic planning related to ICT and CRM technology, enterprise social networks and development of Idea management solution as well as development of appropriate adoption strategies in order to successful implementation of mentioned solutions.

We are focused on providing business benefits to our customers by smart technology utilization. Those are primarily improvements of business processes and increased loyalty and satisfaction of their customers as well of their employees through increasing employee engagement.

When we introduced Yammer as a new channel of communication at CARNet, Yammer became the primary communication site for the department I lead. Now people in the department communicate more intensively, more directly and more transparently, and information remains permanently stored in one place and is easily searchable. Possibility of common planning through notebooks and other collaborative tools that are linked to Yammer are especially useful. Yammer has made us business communication more efficient and faster.

Branka Vuk
Branka VukDirector for Education Support, CARNet

All primary internal communication is run via Yammer. We see a fast technology adoption and an interesting traction of its meaningful using. We register lot of discussions in every level. By using Yammer, company management has gained a powerful tool to be closer to the employees, to inspire them, to focus them and to discuss with them.

Miroslav Krempaský
Miroslav KrempaskýCEO of Millennium

„We introduced Yammer into our processes with the aim to share the high professional knowledge we have in our company and to encourage better exchange of information. The first results which came out shows, that the introduction of this tool into our process is a good way to work on-line and to stay informed during all time what is happening on the fields, where we are interested in. One of the most promising benefits of Yammer is the knowledge sharing between employees.“

Blaž Nardin
Blaž NardinDirector of Gorenje Orodjarna

The goal of the project was to identify business needs for ICT solutions, by directly asking consumers in key industry verticals through series of interviews. Together with InfoCumulus we’ve developed product roadmap and implementation plan. As we are aware that telecom as cloud providers needs to cooperate with local ISV partners, we put special emphasize in project deliverables on development of ICT partner strategy, processes and operative tasks.

Borko Crnogorac
Borko CrnogoracSales & Marketing Director for SMEs, Telekom Srbija

For the entire project team DTEK – to start Yammer in the company is how to pull a huge train. He’s handsome, brilliant, with comfortable seats (and unites a lot of people), but we pull it along the ground, through a large field, with the help of ropes only. We are grateful to the colleagues from Infocumulus, that became for us experienced and professional architects, who developed the project of railroad tracks with high quality, where the Yammer-train will continue its movement – but already it’s easily, freely, achieving specific business goals. I hope that this experience will be useful for other companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Igor KotelyanetsProject Manager at DTEK

In order to assess and identify market potential for Croatian Telekom in terms of cloud services, application software, and infrastructure solutions, we have successfully carried out a comprehensive market research in Croatia in cooperation with InfoCumulus. Project consists of an analysis of global trends and forecasts in the cloud segment with qualitative research, and macroeconomic analysis of industrial verticals. We have successfully identified five industrial business verticals, with the aim of developing a service based portfolio for solutions provided by partners and by Croatian Telecom.

Jadranka Lovrić
Jadranka LovrićICT Standard Proposition and Pricing Management Expert, Croatian Telekom

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InfoCumulus is an consulting company with objective of converging technological and business skills in order to achieve the best business results for our clients. Since its establishment in 2010 the number of customers and revenues have been continually growing. Our team consists of business and technology experts who are competent in carrying out complex projects for large customers.

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